Hi! My name is Suki. I’m copywriter and sub-editor who can help you get your writing project to the next level. I’m also an internationally published author.

I am a few other things besides, including:

  • a believer in preferring lowercase to uppercase, where sense permits;
  • a professional tarot reader (and no, I don’t predict the future);
  • an advocate for the correct use of en dashes (–) and em dashes (—);
  • very interested in people, in social change, and in collectively resisting forces that destroy our climate;
  • well-versed in the dark arts of SEO;
  • one of those annoying people who likes swimming in freezing cold water and then breathlessly telling everyone to ‘You never regret a swim!’;
  • a student of tone, whether that’s the tone of your creative project or the tone of your organisation;
  • always interested to hear from folks who want to produce the best possible copy for the project in hand.

An initial video consultation or phone call to discuss your project and possible rates is free. Email me at sukiferguson@gmail.com and let’s see what we can do!